Saturday, October 29, 2011

A short dialogue with an asshole

I recognize this is the first post. Might as well begin it as unceremoniously as possible. In summary:

Dude: (About Me) This guy is just your average young male, and he wants to criticize everything

Me: I go by "They/Them", and am not a man. Please don't misgender me.

Dude: (To someone else ) That's how he presented himself, So that's what I see.

Me: Stop. Check your transphobia.

Dude: No phobias here Joel. Let's have a pow wow, I dated a hermaphrodite. That should clear the air a bit. Just because I talk like a fucking sailor and misjudged you by your profile picture doesn't make me a phobaphobe. (literal quote)


Wow. Triple crown of racism, transphobia, and mis-identifying intersex people (and equivocating them with trans* people). I'm sure he was a real dreamboat for whatever unfortunate person was dating him.

Question: Can we someday live in a world where people aren't this ridiculously terrible?
Answer: Probably not.

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